Request for Proposal





To:  Qualified Engineering Consultant(s)


From:  Washoe County Water Conservation District

1005 Terminal Way, Suite 150

Reno, NV 89502

775 322 9139

775 322 7266 fax

Subject:  Request for Proposal/ Engineer/Consultant Services


The Washoe County Water Conservation District (WCWCD) uses the services of professional Engineering Consultants to carry out responsibilities under our fiduciary requirements with the Bureau of Reclamation to the maintenance and operation of Boca Dam.   This solicitation is to assist and implement board actions and required WCWCD responsibilities.

The principal Consultant duties include:

  • Consultation, coordination, and information services provided to the WCWCD Board and staff at regular monthly meetings during Contract Negotiations with the Bureau of Reclamation.
  • Make recommendations for necessary maintenance activities or projects.
  • Provide or coordinate any construction management activities related to WCWCD duties and responsibilities
  • Act as liaison for WCWCD normal duties for the above.
  • Ability to communicate with public on specifics of WCWCD activities and other responsibilities.

Minimum Requirements to be selected:

  • Knowledge base for selected Consultant(s):The Consultant shall keep current with regard to issues, activities and policies pertaining to the Boca Reservoir and safety of dams regulations.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: Experience in working with Federal agencies.  Consultant must demonstrate experience and competency in working with the Bureau of Reclamation

Firm Selection Criteria

As further discussed in the attached RFP instructions, consultant selection will be based upon the following criteria:

  • Quality and completeness of the proposal
  • Past experience in related work or studies including regulatory knowledge
  • Qualifications of the specific assigned individual(s) that will normally coordinate with the WCWCD

Prospective consultants will include in their proposal a description of work experience and statement of qualifications in the following areas:

The prospective consultants’ proposal may include a delineation of the project team for carrying out duties; including project manager, team members, team qualifications, organization chart, resumes, and other pertinent information which will help WCWCD in the evaluation process.

WCWCD shall reserve the right to reject all proposals. WCWCD will award a consultant agreement based on the Respondent who submits the most responsive, responsible Proposal deemed to be in WCWCD’s best interest.

Proposals are limited to 10 pages, excluding resumes.

Proposals are due in the offices of Washoe County Water Conservation District no later than May 15, 2022, for review by the Board of Directors at their June 7, 2022, meeting.  Proposals may be reviewed by a RFP review Committee prior to the June meeting.  The District may schedule oral interviews upon review of the proposals.

Upon consultant selection, a detailed scope of work and professional services agreement will be entered into between the parties.

If you have any questions relating to this RFP may be directed to Mary Pat Eymann at 775 322 9139 or